London Mayor's transport consultation

Healthy Streets

We welcome the London Mayor’s consultation document on transport strategy, noting its emphasis on healthy streets and the planned measures to discourage the use of private vehicles in the city in favour of walking, cycling and public transport.

Here is TFL's overview of the strategy with links to the complete draft.


Have your say in TFL's questionnaire on the draft strategy here.

The Green Party calls on the council to keep up!

We call on Richmond Council to make sure its own transport policy keeps up with the spirit and practice of the Mayor’s initiative by improving the quality of our roads for pedestrians and cyclists and discouraging the use of private vehicles in urban areas. In particular we ask that the Council rethink its policy on 20 mph zones; it should abandon its insistence on a street by street approach as opposed to consulting on wider residential areas and its undemocratic practice of counting non-respondents as ‘no voters’ in its consultation exercises.

Richmond must not be allowed to lag behind in the greening of London.

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