Government votes down amendment asserting that animals are sentient beings


The government voted down Caroline Lucas's animal welfare amendment which would have brought the EU principle of animal sentience into UK law.

Absurd, backward step

Caroline said "The Government's refusal to accept this amendment is simply absurd - and their continued insistence that sentience is covered in Animal Welfare legislation is wrong,” she said. “Britain has been been forward thinking in animal welfare over the years, which is why ditching this provision would be such a backwards step."

Government obsession with refusing changes to the EU withdrawal bill

"The UK Government led on introducing this EU protocol in the first place, and it's only an obsession with refusing changes to the EU Withdrawal Bill that's stopping Ministers adopting this amendment now."

The basis of future lawmaking

"The animal sentience protocol is important because it is an instruction to future governments when creating legislation – and it should be the basis of future lawmaking on animal welfare in Britain."

Write to your MP

Write to your MP asking them to include animal sentience in UK animal welfare legislation.

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The opposite of taking back control

This seems part and parcel of the governments' defensive, arrogant dealing wiith parliament - the obsession with voting down every change to the bill, the failure to provide MPs with promised information and the refusal to vote on opposition motions. This is not taking back control.

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