Keep up the pressure for 20mph speed limits across the Borough

Richmond & Twickenham Green Party are urging residents to keep up the pressure on Richmond Borough Council to introduce 20mph speed limits after the Council announced they would look at the possibility of bringing them in across the borough.

Council's change of heart?

The Green Party welcomes the Council’s change of heart after many years of rejecting residents’ petitions to bring in 20mph speed limits on local roads, but hopes they are not just paying lip service. See 'Council's hypocritical road safety campaign' here.

What we and Liberal Democrats have been saying for years

andree riverside driveAfter campaigning for 20mph speed limits to be introduced throughout Ham and Petersham, the Green Party's Andrée Frieze (pictured right) said: "At last the Conservative Council is seeing sense and taking on board what we and the Liberal Democrats have been saying for years."

Keep campaigning

“But the Council has only committed to ‘consider a move towards a 20mph speed limit across the whole borough where appropriate’. Residents can’t let them off the hook just yet. We will continue to campaign to reduce speed limits to improve road safety and reduce pollution.”


monica and cyclist

Council beginning to listen at last but we must keep up the pressure 

The Green Party's Monica Saunders, (pictured left)  who has been campaigning for safer, healthier streets in Fulwell and Hampton Hill, said "Our council's policy is currently out of step with the Mayor's and TfL's strategy for healthier streets. Much of London now uses 20 mph speed limits in built up and residential areas. It's good that the council are beginning to listen at last but we must keep up the pressure." Monica has been involved with 20s Plenty for Richmond for many years.



Sign petition

Andree Frieze asks borough residents to ensure the Council keeps to its promise by signing her petition on the council’s website (, which calls for 20mph speed limits to be introduced across Ham and Petersham.






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