More people sleeping rough in Richmond

Richmond Borough is one of the least deprived areas of London, yet all of us must have been aware of homeless people sleeping rough in our area. Churches in the Borough are reporting a rise in the numbers in their parishes, worrying at any time but particularly so in the depths of winter. Working in partnership with Glass Door, a homeless charity, a circuit of borough churches will each be hosting a shelter for homeless people one night a week.

Emergency shelter needed

Monica Saunders, Green party representative in Fulwell and Hampton Hill, says, “People become homeless for many reasons, but the underlying causes are poor pay, the loss of our welfare safety net, and the outrageous lack of truly affordable homes in the area. Emergency shelter is clearly needed and this scheme deserves our full support.”

The government needs to show more awareness of the problems faced by disadvantaged members of society. Our council's recent decisions to charge vulnerable residents a minimum 15% council tax (see article here) and increased possession storage fees for the those in temporary accommodation (see article here) can only aggravate a deteriorating situation.

Campaigning for affordable housing

The Green Party is campaigning for truly affordable local housing for all to tackle the growing problem of homelessness.

Circuit of churches

The churches that will be hosting the shelters are:

Full details from the Glass Door site here



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