Richmond Council adopt Green Group motion on Climate Change

The motion was proposed by Cllr Richard Bennett, Leader of the Green Group, and seconded by his fellow ward councillor, Cllr Mansfield from the Liberal Democrats,and reads:
"Council recognises that the need to address climate change is urgent. Council also appreciates that progress can be less effective if each department carries matters forward solely focused on their own area. Council therefore resolves to take an over-arching approach to achieve an integrated strategy in the short term and, should a new system of governance be adopted at the next Annual Meeting of Council, that the new governance system be structured to address this issue.”
In responding to the motion, Cllr Martin Elengorn, Cabinet Member for the Environment, Planning and Sustainability, said the Administration will amend the Corporate Plan in line with this motion.
Cllr Frieze had pointed out at an earlier stage in the meeting, when the Corporate Plan was adopted, that it contains no mention of climate change.
Cllr Elengorn said: “On page 6 [of the Corporate Plan] under the Greener Borough, we will make clear that it’s in the context of addressing and mitigating climate change. [...] it is arguably even more important an issue than the EU because it’s the future, of our children and our grandchildren, of poorer countries, particularly, and we have a moral duty to address with the greatest possible energy. Every community, every borough, every local authority, every country must do its bit.”
The Leader of the Opposition, Cllr Paul Hodgins, said: “I certainly like the wording in it of the over-arching strategy [...] the issue being incredibly important, [climate change is] the most important long-term issue and I wholeheartedly support it.
Cllr Bennett says: “I am delighted our motion received complete cross-party support and, in particular, that as a Lib Dem Cllr Mansfield was able to second the motion. When political parties work together for the common good, it is all the better for people, communities and our planet."

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