Officers and Contacts


Local Party Coordinator (Job Share)

Richard Bennett


Local Party Contact :

Richard Bennett

Tel: 07740200996

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Membership Secretary (Job Share):

Steve Smith

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Tanya Williams

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Minutes Secretary

Rae Vermeulen


Nominating Officer (Authorising Officer & Election Agent):

Mike Bangham


Media Team


Media/Press Officer

 Nicola Albon


Social Media Officer 

Andree Frieze

Web Officer

Andrew Webster

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Publications Officer/Newsletter Editor : External communications (Job Share)

Rene Bach

Andre Frieze


Internal Communications Officer

Peter Wylie

Campaign Manager: Campaign Officer and Elections Coordinator for target ward

Caroline Wren

Fundraiser (Job Share)

Joanna Walton

Nicola Albon


Political Education Officer (Unofficial Job Share)
Alick Munro and René Bach






Richmond & Twickenham Green Party PPERA (Political Parties and Electoral Referendums Act) OFFICERS:



Alick Munro

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PPERA Second Officer:

Mike Bangham

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Officer Profiles

Steve Smith - Membership Secretary

Steve SmithSteve has been a member of the Green Party for over twenty years, many of those in key local roles. He comes from an IT background and lives with his partner and her son in Twickenham. He is particularly interested in non-growth based (steady-state) economics, transport and conservation.





Monica Saunders - Joint Coordinator and Local Party Contact

Monica SaundersMonica has been a Green party member for 10 years, holding various positions in the local party during this time. Her particular interests are transport and health. She is a keen cyclist and  has lived in Teddington with her partner for 30 years. Most of her work experience has been in the Health Service, predominantly mental health, as well as learning disabilities and services for the elderly.