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Twickenham  and Richmond & North Kingston Greens Stand Aside for Vince Cable  and Sarah Olney and Stand Up for a New Politics 

Richmond and Twickenham Green Party issued this statement:

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* Liberal Democrats and Greens hold similar views on stopping 'blank cheque' Brexit, and  Heathrow Expansion.

* We both support Proportional Representation (PR), which is vital for a fairer and healthier democracy.

love green but

* Both Greens and Liberal Democrats are worried that the Conservatives will scrap environmental protections and the UK's commitment to the Paris Agreement on Climate Change.

* We have a shared belief in a kinder, more inclusive society and in commitment to better funding of the NHS and Social Care.

"Politics should be much less about conflict and much more about cooperation. 'Politics as usual' leaves me cold. As Greens we have our own identity. Of course, we expect some differences with other parties on policies and priorities. However, we have much that we do agree on with the Liberal Democrats. I am confident that we can and should work together."

Richard Bennett and Monica Saunders Richmond and Twickenham Green Party Joint Coordinatorslove labour but

"In Richmond Park I and the local Green Party have decided to stand aside for the good of the country. We cannot stand if doing so increases the chance of a ukip-Tory government with the

authoritarian Theresa May marching us out of the EU.We ask all residents who believe in a country with strong ties with our European partners, that tackles climate change and supports a publicly funded NHS, to vote for Sarah Olney. "

Andree Frieze, our selected candidate for Richmond Park

love wep but

"We achieved excellent results in the local elections last week and are likely to increase our number of MPs in the General Election.  However, we cannot win everywhere, so sometimes a pragmatic solution is to identify a different progressive party with whom we share some common ground, and then stand aside to let their candidate have a better chance of winning. We are confident that he has the best chance of beating the Tories and taking at least some of the Green Party's policies into parliament.  We therefore urge Twickenham  residents to vote for Vince Cable on June 8th."

Caroline Wren, our selected candidate for Twickenham


Your local Greens urge you to elect Vince Cable in Twickenham and Sarah Olney in Richmond Park.

Standing up for what's important

love libdem but

Although we aren't standing our own candidates, the next month gives us a great opportunity to campaign on the issues that Greens believe are so important for the future of our country.

These include:

  • A referendum on the terms of the final Brexit deal

  • Standing up for young people

  • Investing in renewable energy, cleaning the air we breathe and conserving our rivers, parks and wildlife

  • Saving our NHS.